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My Graphic Designs


I created a gallery of a few of the images I have edited and/or designed using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and PhotoShop.



Chinese Zodiac

chinese zodiac

I created basic PHP scripts and PHP code blocks. I used variables and constants, data types, built expression, created function and control structures, and manipulated strings. I applied autoglobals, built XHTML forms, processed form data, handled submitted form data, created all-in-one forms, displayed dynamic content based on a URL token. I worked with files and directories, manipulated arrays, worked with MySQL databases to create, alter, and delete tables, exported and imported tables, created, selected, and deleted databases. I modified user privileges, added, retrieved, sorted, filtered, updated, and deleted records. I also added, deleted, updated, and retrieved records. I accessed query results information and managed state information.



Bev's Flower Shop

bev's flower shop

I developed and designed an e-commerce Web site. I added functions to the shopping cart and created tables in MySQL to manage the sale items on the web site.



Camp Crystal Lake


I applied CSS style sheets, targeted tags within the document hierarchy, specified font families, font sizing, font properties, text properties, borders, padding, margins, and, floating properties. I used static, relative, absolute, and fixed content, applied liquid and fixed layouts. I added styles to tables and forms, set up folder structures and created site architecture.



A-1 Real Estate


I created dynamic HTML (DHTML) well-formed Web pages using JavaScript programming language. I structured JavaScript code and logic, worked with data types and operators using variables, numeric data types, Boolean values and arrays. I built expressions, worked with strings, created functions, events, control structures, and manipulated the browser object model. I validated form data, used object-oriented JavaScript, and manipulated data in strings and arrays. I debugged syntax, run-time, and logic errors, managed state information and security.



Radiant Glow Candles


I implemented effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies by using the best strategies in page titles, keywords, meta tag descriptions, and link components.



Cozy Creek Coffee Shop


This is the first Web site I designed and developed using Dreamweaver. I applied HTML, XHTML and XML structure to create and format Web page text content. I imported text from Microsoft Office documents, created inline, embedded, and linked styles. I added and managed links, used Fireworks to design bitmap and vector objects that created rollover images, created image maps, and hotspots. I designed and used templates, stored items in the library, created tables, forms, and frames. I inserted elements on Web pages to create dynamic and interactive pages, optimized graphics, managed, and published the Web site.




Innovation Web Designs

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